Our Team

Dr. Jim Wright, FNS

Jim Wright

Jim Wright is the co-owner of Achieve! Weight Loss. He holds four degrees in the fields of ministry and music. He holds a Specialist in Fitness Nutrition Certification from the International Sports Sciences Association. Jim was also a Certified Independent Weight Loss Coach for Thrive Weight Loss, LLC. Jim is the author of Skinny Jim's Cookbook/Menu guide. He lost his weight (35 pounds) several years ago through using the nutritional information he teaches in classes. Jim is known for his teaching and motivational abilities.



Laura Wright, CPT

Laura Wright

Laura Wright is the co-owner of Achieve! Weight Loss. She is a FitTour Certified Personal Trainer. She has taught aerobics, Pilates, senior adults, and other exercise classes for over nine years. Laura works with clients as well as maintains all the social media contact.