About Us

Our Mission: 

To educate and empower people to enjoy sustainable slimming.

Our Vision: 

To create an army of people who are educated and empowered to use their food to lose weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Our Purpose

To educate and empower people to use their food to achieve weight loss results

Our History

Achieve! Weight Loss began as a branch of Thrive Weight Loss, LLC of Rome, Ga. in January, 2012. It was started by Jim Wright, who was given the opportunity to serve as the first Certified Independent Coach for Thrive Weight Loss, LLC. During the first year-and-a-half, Jim brought the Thrive Weight Loss program to over 400 people throughout Central Indiana. Jim taught in churches, schools and businesses. In over 80% of the churches, Jim has been asked to return more than once. 

In June 2013 Jim was given the opportunity to launch his own company: Achieve Weight Loss. By 2015 Achieve Weight Loss has garnered the support of several doctors and other health professionals. This is because Achieve Weight Loss provides a unique approach to weight loss because of the strong educational component of the program. Unlike other programs, Achieve does not promote supplements, gimmicks or required pre-packaged foods. It is a grocery store based program.